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Applicant Details

If applicable, please enter any previous name(s), ie maiden name etc:


Please complete the following section if there will be any pets kept at the property:

If you answered "Yes" to the above question, please complete the section below:

If you have answered yes to the above, please complete the following section:

Address Information

Please enter your address information for the last 3 years. If needed an additional sheet of paper can be attached. Please be aware that it is essential that you provide the owners name of each property. Checks may be made with the Land Registry to formally verify ownership of each property and any deliberate attempts to provide false or misleading information will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Current Address

Time at this address:

Previous Address 1

Time at this address:

Previous Address 2

Time at this address:

Landlord Details

If the address status of any of the addresses listed in the previous section was 'private tenant' 'council tenant' or, named tenant in property rented by family or friend, please provide the contact details of the landlord/letting agent for the most recent address that you lived at. Please note that we may contact you to request contact details for additional landlords/letting agents if required.


Employment Details

(If self-employed, please skip this section and continue to SELF EMPLOYMENT section).

Please provide below details of your employer. If you are shortly to change your employment, please provide the details of the employer you are moving to. If you are a director of the below company, or are employed by a family member, please can you forward proof of income in the form of a payslip or p60.

Please note, a personal email address will not be accepted.

If applicable, please provide your employer with signed authority to complete your reference at your earliest opportunity.

Self Employment

Please note that references are only accepted from registered chartered accountants. If you do not have an accountant, then please forward to us proof of your income in the form of your most recently submitted Tax Return.

If you have an accountant, please complete the following section:

Accountant Details

Please note, a personal email address will not be accepted.

Please provide your accountant with any signed authority they may require to complete your reference.

Additional Income

If you receive any regular income other than from employment/self- employment (i.e. a pension/ tax credits etc) then we will need to see documentary evidence (i.e. pension statement, bank statement, share certificates etc.) of that income. Please complete the section below and forward to us the relevant proof of income documentation.

Please detail each source of additional income separately.

Income Source 1

Income Source 2

Income Source 3

Bank Savings

Housing Benefit

Please note, if you are receiving Housing Benefit, a guarantor will be required where an additional guarantor's application form will need to be completed.

Applicant Information

Please enter any additional information that you think may be of importance when processing your application (i.e. addresses not disclosed in the previous section where you may still be registered):

Bank Information

If Yes please enter the following details:

Time with bank:

If No, please detail below:

Bank Details for Standing Order

UK Based Next of Kin / Emergency Contact

(must be someone other than a joint tenant in respect of this application.)

Applicant Authorisation Agreement

The details supplied by you will be checked against those held on credit reference agency databases for the purposes of assessing your suitability to enter into a tenancy agreement. The checks carried out are non-detrimental and will not adversely affect your credit file. If required, references will also be requested from other relevant parties including (but not limited to) current or former employers, accountants and landlords. All information is processed in confidence within the guidelines of The Data Protection Act (1998) and other relevant privacy laws.

Our Privacy Policy and Notice describes how we use your data, who we might share it with and what rights you have.

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